The First Cleansing of the Temple

The First Cleansing of the Temple

                This is our third and last day on this rich and powerful account.  The Holy Spirit through this passage will teach us four more life lessons.

1.        The Jews were sign seekers for authority.  Jesus told them there that He would tear down the old system of worship and tradition and establish a new one through His dying on the cross and rising again.

2.        Jesus’ mission and ministry are revealed right from the very beginning.  It was through His death, burial and resurrection that mankind would be made right with God.

3.        It was only after Jesus would rise from the dead that the full meaning of this incident would be fully understood.  It takes time to fully understand what happens when God does something in our lives.  Knowing the will of God takes two things, faith and timing.

4.        Jesus fulfilled scripture by His words and deeds.  John reveals through His book that everything Jesus did was deliberate and calculated.  The Lord leads us step by step.  His will is calculated and deliberate.  Nothing that God does in your life is by accident.  There are lessons in everything we face and do.  The secret is asking God to help you understand and learn from each one.