Joy comes in the Morning

March 13 –   Psalm 30:5 – Joy comes in the Morning

     This is such a great verse and psalm.  This is a psalm of dedication for the temple.  It is by David.  It talks about the favour and wrath of God.  David writes here that the Lord`s wrath or anger lasts for only a moment.  Of course in that moment you do not want to stand in the face of that wrath.  Yet the wonderful thing is that the Lord always balances His anger and wrath with mercy and love.  David knew what the wrath and anger of God was when he committed his sin with Bathsheba and had her husband killed.  He lost a child and the sword never left his home.  Yet also he was able to live and out of their next union Solomon was born.

      David then states that the favor of the Lord lasts a lifetime.  When God covenants with a person that favor and love, lasts a lifetime.  God will not go back on His agreement.  Then David gives a wonderful promise.  Sorrow and weeping may be for a night but joy comes in the morning.  What you are facing is not the sum total of your life.  Bad things do come but they do not stay.  They will pass.  The darkness of night always gives way to the beauty of the morning.  God will be faithful in your dark hour and in the morning of His love you will rejoice.  Remember that during those long nights of sorrow.  God will give you a new dawn of rejoicing and victory.