Simple Logic

Simple Logic – Rom 6:16-18


Vs 16 – Paul then employs simple logic.  When you offer yourself to some one as a slave you will obey their wishes, desires and demands.  If you offer yourself to sin this will lead to death.  If you offer yourself to Christ your obedience will lead to life and righteousness.  The choice is clear.  Slavery was a well known practice among the Romans.  It has also been reported that many early Christians were in reality slaves.  So this concept presented here was totally applicable.

Vs 17 – Paul then begins a statement and a declaration of faith.  He gives thanks to God that the Roman Christians though at one time were slaves to sin now have embraced or wholehearted entrusted to themselves to the new teaching they have received in Christ.

Vs 18 – They have been set free from sin and now are slaves to righteousness.  Here is a reality you will have a master.  It will be sin, the devil, yourself or God.  Whoever you choose will determine your eternal destiny.