The Heavens Declare

Feb 13 – Psalm 19:1-2  The Heavens Declare

     David in this psalm reveals that the heaven declare the glory of God.  Creation is God`s silent witness.  All creation by the consistency, beauty and uniformity declare there is a creator.  The skies proclaim the work of His hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech.  The world shows by the way it works there is a master mind behind this.  Night after night they display knowledge.  Men have from the beginning of time studied the earth, its many features and animals.  The world around us shouts there is a God.  Paul stated this in Romans 1.  Unfortunately man worships the creation not the creator.  Yet we cannot deny the witness of creation and conscience both speak loud and clear there is a God.  What we do with Him determines where we spend eternity.  Let us choose to believe and He will reveal His Son and with Jesus Christ comes eternal and abundant life.