Frequently Asked Questions



How do I advertise on your station?

Call (780) 466–4930 and ask to speak with the Sales Manager. He’ll put you in touch with one of our wonderful account executives!

I’d like to send in my press release… where do I send it?

You can fax in your press release to (780) 469-5335

Who do I contact about concerns or even positive feedback on the DJ’s content on your station?

We love and value constructive feedback. Call (780) 466–4930 and ask for the Program Director. Remember that your comments are only taken seriously when you leave your name and contact details. We want you to stand behind your comments!

I’m an artist and would like to submit my CD to AM930 for consideration. Who should I address the package to?

Please send your package to the following address: MUSIC DIRECTOR, AM930 The Light, 5316 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB, T6H 4J8. Please remember to include all of your contact information. Due to the volume of music we receive, we can’t guarantee a response to every submission, but we will certainly contact you if we love it!

I heard a commercial on your station recently… but I didn’t get all the details… can you tell me more about it?

We’d be happy to! Call (780) 466-4930

Can you sponsor my event?

All sponsorships are reviewed on a case by case basis. Feel free to fax us a formal sponsorship package to our promotions department. (780) 469–5335 attention Promotions! Be sure to include the specific event information and charity cause. If you would like our street team to pop by your event, fax us that information as well.

Can you donate prizing for my event?

All prizing requests are also reviewed on a case by case basis. Be sure to include the specific event info and charity cause, and fax the details to (780) 469–5335 attention Promotions.

How do I get into the radio industry?

There are a lot of ways! We suggest schooling! Right here in Edmonton, N.A.I.T. has an excellent Broadcasting Program.

Who owns AM930?

We are owned by Touch Canada Broadcasting and our call letters are CJCA Edmonton. 

Do you do Internships?

Yes we do – but space is limited. It’s best to inquire about one year before you require placement. Contact the Program Director.

I won a prize several months ago… is it still there for me to pick up?

Prizing is available for pick-up 30 days from the date you win. Prizing is not guaranteed after 30 days.

Oh… there’s this song… and it’s about love – do you know what song that is?

All of them. Seriously though, if you make a note of the time and date it played, we will be able to figure it out for you.

What are the rules of your contest?

To view general contest rules Click Here

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