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It is Thursday and here is a thought to ponder. fool loves to hear the sound of their own voice when every one else does not. So make sure that..

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Passport to Summer 2017 From June 12th at 8:00am through August 18th at 12:00am

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Thu 22

Lenten Noon Hour Concerts

February 22 @ 12:10 pm - 12:50 pm
Thu 22

Marriage Tune Up !!!!

February 22 @ 7:00 pm

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Addison Road

The story of Addison Road begins at Baylor University in Waco , TX. Jenny Chisolm met Ryan Simmons in choir and they soon begain making beautiful music together…literally. They wrote song and booked a few gigs. Ryan played acoustic guitar and Jenny sang. It became apparent that they needed a full band, so they enlisted a couple a friends. Jay Henderson on drums, and Ryan Gregg on lead guitar (even though he was already in another band). They made a rough 4 song demo for the newly formed Jenny Chisolm Band. By January 2001 they were ready to get a real producer and record a full album. This first independent album was called Not What You think. produced by Chuck Dennie from By The Tree. They then got another friend, Travis Lawrence, to join the band as a bassist. In 2002 Ryan and Jenny were married. The only problem with this was that Jenny Chisolm was now Jenny Simmons and the name The Jenny Chisolm Band didn’t make sense anymore. They moved to Dallas to become a full-time band, eventually settling on the name Addison Road. The name was chosen after a sound tech who had a baby named Addison. They liked the name Addison and put “Road” at the end of it for no real reason.

Later that year they came out with a second indie album called Breaking Beautifully. They soon got a new drummer, and started leading worship at a local church. They took that worship leading talent to a Camp that summer and played in front of about 8000 young people. That was the inspiration for thier next indie project Always Loved You EP. That was followed by one last indie album in 2006 called Some Kind Of Spark.

In 2008, Addison Road released their debut self titled album. That was followed by Stories in 2010.


In 2012 after 10 together Addison Road decided to say goodbye. Addison Road’s lead singer Jenny Simmons will release her first solo album, The Becoming, early next year.



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Bowden Evangelical Missionary Church

We are a family church who loves Jesus and each other. We passionately seek to share Jesus with our town and throughout the world. Our church consists of people of…

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It is Thursday and here is a thought to ponder.  fool loves to hear the sound of their own voice when every one else does not.  So make sure that... Read more →

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