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33 Miles

33 Miles’ lead singer Jason Barton joined a kind of Christian boy band called True Vibe in 1999. They made two very successful records. At that point he realized that he wanted to do something he could call his own. He began looking for someone to start his own group with. When he was introduced to guitarist Christ Lockwood they knew it was a good fit. Along with Collin Staddard on keys and background vocals, they made up the band 33 Miles. The choose the name because Jesus lived 33 years and a mile represents his journey.

They signed with INO records and in 2007 released their self titled Debut album that year. That album was followed by One Life in 2008. The following year they released a Christmas album called Believe. In early 2010 Collin, the keyboardist was asked by a church to become their full time worship pastor. After months of deliberation he decided to take the position and leave 33 Miles. The two remaining members continued on recording thier latest album Today (2010).


Featured Church

Bowden Evangelical Missionary Church

We are a family church who loves Jesus and each other. We passionately seek to share Jesus with our town and throughout the world. Our church consists of people of…

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